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Published on marzo 19th, 2013 | by Elise


Sex, Love or “The Neil Armstrong Effect” @elisevigouroux

I spoke with a friend of mine a few days ago about the blog. Since I have Dirty, all my conversations are the same. We can start talking about the weather but we always finish talking about sex.

I consider that my friend is very traditional, he made a comment in the middle of a conversation and I was “impressed”. He said: “I can try everything in bed except a man touching me or telling me things, but if a man wants to see, I don´t care”

This comment automatically made me think:

How far can we get to be good in bed?, How far can we get to please someone else?

If the limits are the same as love, we are truly fucked.

There´s a phrase that says:

“All is fair in war and love” but… is it the same in bed?

Guys give ass, girls give ass, both by sex or love.

The reality is: more men have been fucked by a strap-on or they allow the girls play with their “back doors”. Surely they change the story and say: “It was only finger, we were three in  the bed, I felt very angry when my girl proposed it, bla bla, bla”

And, what about the girls? I remenber what was fashionable in my school: girls had anal sex, not vaginal sex, and their parents continued loving and respecting them, because they would be virgins forever and ever. AMEN.

Why does society see the anal sex like that?

Well, let´s focus on anal sex.

We are addicts to have the things that no one else has had, to walk where no one else has stepped on, to make your partner feels what no one else has felt, being the first in each thing, especially in sex and love.

But, why don´t we see the meaning to be the last?

How do you check one person has never been penetrated in the ass?

Easy answer: You can´t. Maybe you are an expert in ass, but I don´t think you have the answer on the tongue, including put you tongue in the area, many times.

So is the hole that makes it easier to use denial.

Anal sex can give to the “special person” what you have never given to anyone else, this is the effect that I like to call “Neil Armstrong Effect”. This effect was born from needed to give our partner the feeling of Neil getting down of the Apolo 11.

This is not only with the anal sex, usually we say: “Never suck a cock”, “Never in doggie style”, bla bla, bla.

Well, if you haven´t given the ass to your partner yet, just do it for love or sex; even the NASA couldn´t check the evidence.

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